That was fast…

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That was a lot faster and much less painful than expected.  The blog has now been moved to  The new rss feed is

I look forward to seeing you at the new home!



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Sometime today I’ll be moving the site off of to a new host.  Hoping for a painless transfer, but guessing the two of you subscribed here may need to update your feeds.  More details upon completion.

Blizzcon Wrap-Up

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I’ll keep this short as you are sure to get reviews of much greater quality and detail elsewhere.  This will just be a couple of things that jumped out at me.

1. No more mana for hunters.  YAY!  Focus makes a lot more sense to me.  I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

2. Cross-server instances.  Hmm.  Okay, I see this as a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, it increases the chance that you’ll be able to find a group for whatever you may be doing.  This is handy.  I spent days trying to find people to run Outland heroics for the achievements a few weeks back.  On the other hand, it also greatly increases the pool of “we give pugs a bad name” players.  I wonder if they’ll increase the size of one’s ignore list with this and cross-server (game, maybe?) communication.

3. Worgen.  This is a toughy.  I LOVE the idea of a wolf based character.  Love it.  So much so, it was the reason I tried Vanguard.  Still can’t shake that mistake…  Anyway, they downside for me is this, the Worgen is an Alliance race.  And while I, unlike many guildies, don’t have a seething hatred for the Alliance (Hell, my second 60 was an Alliance hunter in vanilla), I don’t like the idea of leveling him without access to my Horde friends.  The social aspect of the game is important to me.  This is like putting on blinders and earplugs.  Sometimes that’s a good thing, but for the entire life of a character?  Not my bag.  I’d love to see the addition of cross-faction communication for people on your friends list.

4. Deathwing.  Wreaking havoc on good ol’ Azeroth?  Sign me up!  I can’t wait to see what the devs do with some of the old zones.  I have a lot of good memories from old Azeroth, leveling sooooo many characters there.  It will be nice to be able to play there again, for the first time, essentially.

There were many, many, MANY more things mentioned, but these are the ones on my mind this morning.  Hit up or something for some some in depth content.  It’s going to be one hell of an expansion.

Slow, but I’ll get there

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I just noticed something.  The venomhide hatchling GROWS over the course of the dailies!  How cool is that!  Off to Blizzcon now, much more later!


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Roughly 29 hours before I head to the airport.  Pretty excited.  Should be an interesting time.  Looking forward to any confirmed expansion details.  Add to that the chance to play SC2 and D3, and I’m set.  The only thing needed to makes this trip comparable to last year’s, though, is another picture with Felicia Day 🙂

I think Project 800 will have to be renamed.  Maybe Project 750ish.  I will have them all in Northrend soon, but not sure how far I want to take them all.  At 65 they can already train in the Grand Master professions.  I think the biggest hit to this project will be if they do indeed announce new playable races.  Especially if the Alliance gets Worgen.  I do love the wolfmen.  Bastards.  My 10 character slots on Area 52 are already full, so I either have to reactive one of the RaF accounts or find a new server home for Alliance guys.  Well, this weekend will be revealing in that area.  Any Alliance folk out there?

Project 800 (750ush) Update:



Financial Inventory

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Well, patch 3.2 is here.  Have to say, enjoying it so far.  Loving all the different Druid looks around.  That’s exactly what this game needs.  Variety in looks.  I hope they build on this.

I blew my (gold) load on patch day.  Epic riding and regular flying all around.  I was so proud of myself.  I was broke, but I had 10 chars that could fly…or so I thought.  Turns out, I never purchased flying for the DK.  /facepalm  So, I’m sitting at 9 while I farm some gold again.  Oh well.  I’m also happy to say that of the 20 professions across the 10 chars only 1 is below 300.  I’m hoping to have Mustache’s Inscription to Outlands level soon.  Let me say this though, leveling mining for the 4th and 5th time is PAINFULLY boring.  With three chars that use the mats, though, it was the gathering profession of choice.

Here’s my inventory of money sinking needs and luxuries:

Key: DS=Dual Spec, Flying = 225, Epic = 300, NR = Cold Weather

Kwato – DS, Flying, Epic, NR
Zelq – DS, Flying, Epic, NR
Hono – DS, Flying, Epic, NR
Qualcoso – DS, Flying, Epic
Schwa – Flying
Halfrack – None /cry
Mustache – Flying
Ychromosome – Flying
Farmerdeath – Flying
Acyclovir – Flying

Okay, looking at that, the goals to reach are:

1 Flying (600g)
1 DS (1000g – Priest is only other char I want to experiment on)
1 Epic 300 (5000g – Probably DK, mostly just to have an even half of the chars with epic)
7 NR (7000g – Ouch)

I have 3 chars in Northrend who can’t fly there yet (one who can’t fly at all).  This is the first goal.  I figure the chars still in Outlands have plenty of time to save up for NR flying so that by the time they get there they should be good.  I do need to do some serious farming on the ones in Northrend, though.  I hate being this broke.  Hard to do though, sooooo want to camp Skoll though.  Come on, all three spirit beasts?  That’s calling the OCD hardcore!

The 700 Club

Posted in Project 800 on August 3, 2009 by zelq

A few more levels this weekend has me sitting at 700 character levels on Area 52.  I have two more characters to level their gathering up to Outlands levels, and 2  chars that need to get their professions to that level.  Once that is done all will be doing what they are supposed to be doing for their respective zones.  That’s my goal for the next week or so.

My two uber-undergeared 80s, Hono and Zelq, got some much needed love in the form of some mat farming for crafted gear.  Both are now sporting the JC epics and purple cloaks.  Hono got a couple titansteel pieces.  Need to farm an asston of eternals to finish up the last few pieces for these guys.  Getting there, though.

Halfrack/Death Knight/73

Project 800: 700/800